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Do you want to replace a lost tooth, but aren’t feeling too confident with dentures or bridgework? Have you considered dental implants as a third option? It will save you loads of time over having to constantly get bridgework over the long run and can save you the embarrassment over losing dentures in front of friends or loved ones.

– Your dental implants won’t move or shift as you talk or eat.
– Dental implants are able to withstand the rigors of life and last as long as you do. Conversely, dental bridges typically only last less than ten years before they will need to be replaced.
– You can care for the implants just as you would natural teeth, rather than storing them in a jar at night.
– Bridges can grind against your other good teeth to which they are attached. Over time, this can cause deterioration of those natural healthy teeth. Dental implants do not affect other healthy teeth, as they are wired to the jawbone instead.
– Dental implants have a much higher success record in the long-term and short-term over other therapies and fixes.
– Dental implants remove the chance of embarrassment of having your false teeth fall out in public places.
– You can speak much freer and easier, which is oftentimes restricted or changed from dentures.

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