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Just once won’t harm you. Right? This statement has been said about a myriad of actions, and the result often proves contrary to the statement. The same goes with skipping brushing and flossing your teeth. Missing just once won’t give you a mouthful of cavities, but it can start cavity formation and lead to skipping brushing and flossing more than just once. Here is what can happen if you skip your oral hygiene care just once:

  • Plaque builds up on teeth as soon as 20 minutes after you eat and drink. If you do not disrupt plaque formation with brushing and flossing, then it is allowed to continue growing and producing tooth decaying acids from the foods that still remain in your mouth.
  • The flow of saliva slows significantly when you sleep. If you do not brush before going to bed, then you have an increased risk for tooth decay because saliva remineralizes tooth enamel and neutralizes harmful acids.
  • The longer plaque is left undisturbed, the more likely it is to harden into tartar, also known as calculus. This crystallized substance also harms teeth and gums, but unlike plaque, it cannot be brushed away with a toothbrush.
  • Morning breathe never has it so bad when you miss brushing before sleeping. Food debris has been sitting in your mouth all night, and oral bacteria produce even more smells when they process the sugars in these foods.