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Why do some dentists use laser dentistry? Have you ever questioned what the benefits of this technology are? In fact, is laser dentistry even safe?

In reality, dentists have safely used laser for more than two decades, and enjoyed many benefits. For instance, dentists have implemented lasers to provide patients with a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Gum disease: Your dentist may use a laser to shape your gums or to remove bacteria buildup. Lasers can also be useful during root canal therapy.
  • Biopsy: With lasers, your dentist may remove tissue in order to perform a biopsy. This is especially useful for inspecting your mouth for oral cancer. Lasers can also be used to relieve canker sores.
  • Gum shaping and contouring: Sometimes, people have uneven gums. As a result, many people need to have their gums contoured for a more flawless and beatiful look.

However, even though lasers are very versatile, there are some patients who may benefit from this technology more than others. They can be particularly useful for patients who fear the dentist, because the use of lasers minimizes the need for stitches and anesthesia. In fact, treatments performed with lasers are generally painless.

Are you interested in learning more about this technology? Would you like to learn more about how lasers may help you? If so, we invite you to call us soon. We look forward to hearing from you.