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There are many risks and pressures of being a teen that can put a smile in jeopardy. Everything from bad habits and bad foods, to risky endeavors, seem to be a part of adolescence. However, with proper planning and by avoiding of peer pressure, a wonderful smile is possible.

– Although smoking can lead to serious health disorders in your entire body, it begins by attacking your mouth, including darkening your teeth and gums and increasing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.
– Your mouth is may be at risk as a teen from sports and other high-risk activities. Keep your smile safe during contact sports by wearing mouth guards, face masks, and head gear when available.
– Do not allow peer-pressure situations to lead you to use drugs as they can have negative consequences for your oral health.
– Although mouth jewelry is often considered in fashion, especially amongst teens, it is important to know the health risks that come with it. Mouth jewelry can pose a choking risk and even crack or chip your teeth if the pieces come into contact with your teeth. In addition, serious infectious diseases like hepatitis can be linked to mouth jewelry.
– Wisdom teeth grow in during their teen years, and they tend to come with a host of hazards including improperly aligned teeth, the potential for infections, growth issues, and lingering jaw pain.

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